New Hire Onboarding

An integrated onboarding platform, built for contractors in the construction space. Create fully customizable digital onboarding programs for your company’s new hires. Administer onboarding to workers virtually by creating a streamlined digital experience. 

mycomply's intelligent course builder


Intelligent Custom Module Builder

Create course modules, then administer tests with pre-determined passing requirements to ensure that all workers are adequately prepared for safe work at your company.

  » Video, image, document, and test modules

  » PowerPoint, Word, and PDF compatible

  » Create multiple onboarding packages

  » Automatically optimized for mobile

80% Faster New Hire Onboarding

Simplify the Collection of Worker Records

Create and manage unlimited training modules through your Company Certification Manager (CCM) dashboard. View, add, remove, or edit courses in your catalog in real time.

  » Streamline new hire onboarding

  » Manage company-specific materials

  » Manage certificates of completion 

manage orientations on projects pro
construction orientations multilingual support

Create Multilingual


Easily create and issue orientations and onboarding materials in other languages with myComply’s Orientations module.

   » Add unlimited languages to training

   » Workers can easily select their language

   » Add/remove languages in one click


Track Onboarding


As an employer, you might be managing hundreds (or thousands) of workers. With myComply, serve onboarding in one-click, then track progress as worker’s complete modules.

   » Mass orientation delivery to workers

   » Monitor incompletions at a high-level

   » See pass/fail rate on training

   » Easily view trained/untrained workers

Project specific construction orientation mockup projects pro

Company Certification Manager (CCM)

Used by Thousands of Construction Firms

Contractors worldwide use myComply’s Certification Manager tool to ensure all workers have adequate training and onboarding. Ensure 100% of your workforce has the required credentials and training to perform safe work.

  » Automated certification expiry alerts

  » View & filter worker profiles 

  » Generate on-demand data reports

  » Build & access training matrices

Unlock New Hire Onboarding with myComply