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What is a myComply SST card

New for 2020, all construction employees and supervisors in New York City will be required to maintain a minimum training level and must carry a “Smart” identification card on them at all times. (Please read here: for more details) The card will need to contain certain training information and identification details for the user.

myComply offers a great solution to this new requirement, with our trainer solution. This platform allows users to upload employee information, design cards, and order them right from us. We’ll have your smart cards issued to you in under a week!

I’ve received training from another training provider and was told they would print our cards. How do I check on this?

Just send us a quick email to and we’ll let you know how your order is processing.

Where can I learn more about SST cards?

To learn more about how myComply makes managing your SST cards easily, please visit our SST Card page(s).