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Procore + myComply

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What syncs with Procore? 

myComply can sync employees, subcontractors and projects from Procore. Once sync is enabled in myComplyyou choose what from Procore you connect. Depending on your subscription access with myComply, we also send reports back to Procore’s Documents section. 

How do I sync my Procore account to myComply? 

Syncing with Procore is seamless. On both the login and registration page, select Sign in with Procore to use your Procore credentials to access myComply. A banner will appear linking you to your Integration Settings, which can be accessed anytime in the top-right by clicking your name.  

How often does Procore data sync with myComply? 

Every hour on the hour. 

How do I import my employees, projects and subcontractors from Procore? 

In Integration Settings, manage what you import from your Procore account. 

  • AdministrationSelect Import Wizard to walkthrough a project import. Choose which project and subcontractors you wish to importEach project must be imported on an individual basis. To update changes made in Procore to myComply, click Manual Sync or wait for the hourly sync. 
  • SettingsClick Import Company & Employees to get your company set up in myComply. In the Import Wizard, you can choose to import all employees or none. 
  • Projects & Vendors: With projects and subcontractors synced, click Update Imported Projects & Vendors to refresh your list. 

Will myComply reports be accessible in Procore? 

Yes, only for Premium Project subscription holders. You will see a myComply folder created automatically in Procore in the Documents section. Download either the Daily Attendance Log or your New York LL 196 Report 

I want to do more with my integration. Who can I talk to? 

To suggest additional ways to improve myComply’s integration with Procore, please contact


A Procore subscription is required – sign up hereAnyone can sync their Procore account with myComply if they use Procore credentials to login. 

 Premium Project subscription is required to access myComply reports in Procore.