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Setting Up & Managing Badges

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should a worker carry a Smart Badge? 

Smart Badges bring the data you have in the company-cloud to the jobsite. Rather than fumbling with binders or tracking down certification proof during an audit, simply arm all site workers with a badge that links to their worker profile in myComply. With the NFC mobile scan, on site staff can quickly view worker training, emergency contact information and photo. Additionally, workers can access premium project sites by scanning their Smart Badge into kiosks or turnstiles set up by the general contractor for access control. 

How do you program a Smart Badge to a worker? 

Smart Badges are programmed with a USB writer, which is included with all first-time orders. To program a badge, download our Desktop App and login. There are two places in the product to program a badge: 

  • Company tab – program your self-contained employees here 
  • Projects tab  used by general contractors to program badges for subcontractors specific to a jobsite 

Can you reprogram a Smart Badge to another worker? 

For security purposes, Smart Badges are only programmable once. If a worker loses their card or decala replacement must be ordered. 

How do you scan a Smart Badge? 

Smart Badges are scanned via smart phone. For Android devices, simply turn on NFC capabilities in your settings. For Apple devicesdownload the free Smart Badge Scanner app in the app store. To scan the badge once ready, place the Smart Badge to the top-back of the phone and the worker profile will open in your preferred browser. 

What phones can scan a Smart Badge? 

All Androids devices with NFC enabled in settings as well as iPhone 7 and newer with the mobile scanning app. 

Can workers use a Smart Badge on access control devices? 

Coming in 2020 myComply Smart Badges will be integrated with both kiosk and turnstile solutions. Prior to this release, we recommend using the mobile Attendance Scanner app to check workers in and out of site, to automate an attendance log and to view workers’ approval status when entering the project. 

Is an SST Card a Smart Badge? 

Simply speaking, yes. A myComply SST Card has the same programming and scanning capabilities as a Smart Badge. SST Cards, however, are regulated cards by the New York City Department of Buildings and cannot be re-designed and can only be purchased through an approved provider. There is no hardhat decal version of an SST Card either. 

How much does a Smart Badge cost? Is it a one-time fee? 

Smart Badges start at $5 per worker and come in both a hardhat decal and durable card option. There is no recurring fee for company Smart Badges. SST Cards for NYC users are sold by approved providers who set their own retail price. 

Can I customize the design, such as adding my company logo or the worker’s photo?  

There are multiple design variations of the Smart Badge. You may add you company logo and brand color to both the card and decal. We are currently not providing profile photo printing on cards, but we encourage the 1-sided card option for those with their own printer. When you are requesting a custom quote, you will be provided a badge proof prior to printing. 

How do I print on the back of the Smart Badge with my own card printer? 

After ordering a 1-sided card, companies with a card printer can customize the back further. If you wish to use the myComply provided template, go into your Company tab to Print Badge and select the workers. This template includes information from the worker profile such as first name, last name, profile photo, emergency contact number and company logo. 

How can I order Smart Badges?  

Our sales team are happy to discuss your options with you, simply email Alternatively, submit a request for quote online here. 

How long does it take to ship Smart Badges? 

Smart Badges take between 3-10 business days to ship. Custom decal orders may take an additional 5 business days. If using Smart Badges on projects, we recommend ordering four weeks prior to the pre-construction meeting date.