For General Contractors

Ensure all workers have valid, up-to-date training on-site. General contractors use myComply for access control, automated timesheets, and to ensure a 100% trained workforce. 

The Benefits of a 100%
Trained Workforce.

LEss Incidents

Up-to-date training means less risk of costly mistakes and oversight.


Lower EMR (mod-factor) with the implementation of myComply.

Insurance savings

70% of active projects using myComply receive insurance benefits.

“What’s really attractive about myComply for Bozzuto is that we can more precisely track our manpower on our projects. Not only does this help us with safety and claims, but it helps increase our accuracy on production estimates to save us time and money.”

Nathan Slavin - Bozzuto Construction

Director of Safety, VIEW CASE STUDY

How it works:


  • The myComply Kiosk, or blue ‘brick’, allows a contractor to collect data from the job seamlessly. Plug-in the unit and the cellular connection will begin signaling information from your job to your myComply project software. 


  • The myComply Kiosk relays site check-ins to the software, and references a worker’s training certifications when they arrive on-site. If the worker does not have the proper training, or it is expired, the kiosk will indicate that the worker is not permitted on-site. Connect to doors, turnstiles, or use as a standalone solution to ensure all workers are trained.


Partnered With Trusted Insurance Providers

myComply is a proud member of the AXA XL Construction Tech Ecosystem.