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Are you ready to secure your construction sites from unwanted traffic, restrict access to unqualified workers, and generate powerful data on your manpower? Book some time with Rob today.


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Friction-Free Access Control

Transform turnstile gates into software-connected smart technology.

Local Law 196 Certification

Digitize Worker Certifications

Turn paper proofs into digital documents that can be accessed anywhere.

Pair Worker Profiles to Smart Badges

Each worker profile can be connected to an NFC badge that stores certification data.

Outfit Access Points with Smart Bricks

Outfit turnstile gates or other access points with Smart Bricks that scan worker badges.

Get Certification-Based Access Control

Set certification requirements and deny site access to workers that do not meet criteria.

Unlock On-Demand Manpower Logs

Automate time and attendance data and export worker data to confirm billed hours.

Secure Site Perimeter

Prevent equipment loss and vandalism on your sites by securing your perimeter.

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