myComply for Subcontractors

Your General Contractor has selected myComply to ensure a compliant and qualified workforce on their projects. That means that you will be required to enroll in myComply’s Company Certification Manager (CCM) to digitally share specific project requirements.

Below is everything you need to know about your enrollment in myComply and the connection to your General Contractor.


How myComply Works

myComply is the ultimate tool for subcontractors that are looking to digitize worker certifications, accelerate the transfer of critical documentation to general contractors, and interact with project teams unlike ever before. 



How myComply Works

Discover the solution that is enabling over 6,000 General Contractors to save thousands of dollars per worker, per year, by slashing onboarding costs, eliminating labor inflation, and verifying (or approving) up-to-date certifications. 


Certification Manager Features

Upload Certifications

Turn paper proofs into digital certifications with myComply’s import wizard.

Access Certifications Anywhere

Public worker profiles make it possible to view certifications on any smart device.

Receive Expiry Notifications

Get automatic expiry notifications so you can schedule timely renewals.

Create Training Matrices

Organize and filter your workers by title, training, certification status, and more.

Share Documentation with Ease

Share certifications with other companies on myComply or via public URLs.

Integrate with Projects

Save time and money by using Certification Manager on myComply projects.

How to Get Started

project join workflow for enrolled subs


Invite from GC

If you’ve already been invited to enroll on a project through a myComply-branded email, then simply open that email and follow the provided steps.

self enrollment workflow



You can also sign-up for myComply before you receive your project invitation. To do this, simply enroll here and begin creating your company profile.

System Overview

Discover why CCM is one of the most powerful technology solutions available to subcontractors everywhere.

Step-by-Step Walk-Through

 Follow this step-by-step virtual walk-through to get fully set-up as an enrolled subcontractor on myComply’s CCM. Or, join our weekly onboarding session to get the hands-on help you need. Click here to join at 2:00 p.m. (CST/GMT-6) every Tuesday! 


Import Employees

& Workers

Easily import your employees/workers into myComply with our easy-to-use spreadsheet template.


Upload Certification


Once you’ve added all of your team members, the next step is to upload certification titles, which can be done with another simple spreadsheet template.


Upload Proof of


The final step of CCM setup is to add digital proof of certifications to align with the employees and titles that you have already created. 


Build Training Matrices

Filter and manage all of your workers based on task/title/trade and associated certifications to see your workforce’s compliance percentage (based on your standards). Determine who has valid certifications, who is approaching renewals, and who may have expired or missing qualifications. 


Share Certifications

via myComply

Share copies of worker certifications with third-party entities by selecting the workers and certifications you wish to share. myComply automatically creates a custom landing page and downloadable pdf which can then be shared.


Assign Employees and

Docs to Projects

Once your company profile is complete, you can easily enroll on projects by navigating to the “Projects” tab, assigning workers, and sharing their certifications.

Certification Manager Pricing

Unlock the top tool for construction firms that want to digitize critical documentation and share it with ease.

Small Business


Number of Worker Profiles

Worker profiles

Certification management

Expiration notifications

Training matrices

Document sharing

Certification document population

Smart Badge integration

Timesheet delivery (if used by GC)

Orientations (if used by GC)

Small Business












Medium Business












Large Business












Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What does myComply do for Subcontractors?

myComply’s Company Certification Manager (CCM) provides your company with an online tool to keep all employee training proactively organized. It also allows you to easily share employee training with any General Contractor or Construction Manager on any project, and can be used as a tool to receive your employees’ time and attendance records on projects that are using myComply. 

Q: How does myComply work?

Each worker has their own myComply profile, where training certifications, completed orientation certificates, as well as proof of COVID-19 vaccination or testing status can be stored.  Automatic alerts remind employers and Project Managers of any trainings that require renewal or updating. 

On projects, General Contractors or Construction Managers will send an invite link from myComply, asking you to ‘join’ their projects. This allows you to share myComply profiles with the required documentation to the project team for approval. General Contractors can also send you online orientations so that your workers can be fully onboarded onto the project. 

Q: What does myComply cost?

Each company pays an annual license for unlimited use of myComply on all projects with any General Contractor or Construction Manager. Pricing is determined by the number of active employee profiles being managed within an account. Pricing is tiered as follows: 

1-19 Employee myComply Profiles: $499/year 

20-99 Employee myComply Profiles: $999/year 

100+ Employee myComply Profiles: $1,999/year 

Q: Do I need to pay an enrollment fee for each project I have been invited to?

No. One annual license will allow you to track all workers within your business unit and assign employees to an unlimited number of enrolled projects or third parties. 

Q: Do I have to import my entire workforce onto myComply’s CCM, or just the ones I will be assigning to the project?

You are only required to include the workforce that you will assign to the invited project, however, you can also use this tool to share onboarding/compliance documentation to 3rd parties, outside the myComply system. Additionally, you will have access to build training matrices for specific title/trades/tasks which makes certification management for your entire organize very easy.

Q: What happens if I go over my employee profile limit?

You can choose to upgrade to the next tier The system will pro-rate the payment based off your remaining term.

Q: What can I track in myComply?

On your employee profile, you can include any safety, regulatory, or training documentationIf it has an issue date and/or an expiry date, you can track it in myComply’s CCM Also included on worker profiles is emergency contact, worker detail and diversity demographic information, all of which can be accessed by any smart device or programmed NFC/bluetooth badge. 

Q: Do I get expiry alerts?

Yes, administrators will be sent weekly forecasts of upcoming expirations and current expirations, so that renewals can be scheduled.

Q: Can I share documents to third parties or export information?

Yes, you can email documents directly from the system, or export any required information.